Art of the American West
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The West is my inspiration. . .every cloud, every critter, every colorful character.
A Special Painting
This painting has really become a favorite of mine. The title "Nature's Lessons" refers to a common lesson that most children experience—a first pet and caring for a living creature. What better teacher is there than Nature. This scene is taking place in the Old West in the 1800s, but this same situation could be taking place today with a different background and a young boy (or girl) in any country or any culture.

I took the photograph, that was the reference for this painting
, while at the Artists Ride in South Dakota. This little Lakota boy was playing with his brother when his father brought the bunny over and handed it to him. He was carefully holding it under its legs with it cuddled up against his chest. All of a sudden the bunny tried to jump out of his hands and its toenails scratched the boy's belly. He caught the bunny under its front legs and whipped his head around to catch his father's attention with a surprised look on his face. . . that's when I got the picture. Back in my studio, I created the painting's composition, adding the scene in the background and changing the blanket from white to red. This web photo doesn't do justice to the subtle tones I worked hard to produce in his skin. He truly comes alive in the painting.

Nature's Lessons   Oil on canvas, 24" x 12"